2KTool Main Office

2KTool - Quality Design, Machining, Mold Building, and Repairs

2KTool is a leader in the design, CNC machining and mold building industry with a multitude of clients from all facets of the manufacturing marketplace. Several years ago we realized that in order to serve the needs of our customers we needed to develop two distinctive business units: Machined Parts Manufacturing and Mold Building and Repair. At 2KTool we are driven by customer service. Our highly skilled staff not only identifies problems but offers solutions to insure each and every project is completed on time and within budget. We have built Long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, service, and a commitment to staying ahead of the competition through lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. At 2 K Tool, we strongly believe that through our investment in new technology and our exceptional team of employees, we are able to continuously offer the best product in quality, cost and delivery to our customers.

Industries Served

Military Vehicle Industry

Stryker Vehicle with parts by 2KTool

Automotive Industry

Car built with parts designed by 2KTool

Pump Industry

Pump designed by 2kTool

Valves Industry

Valves made with parts designed by 2KTool

Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry

Consumer Products

Furniture Industry

Furniture made by possible by parts from 2KTool